University Lifelong Learning Today and Tomorrow: Transforming HEIs for Quality and Inclusive Knowledge Transfer

A great number of universities in UN-member countries have responded to the recent call to embrace the culture of lifelong learning by trying to transform their organisations into lifelong learning universities and to initiate effective and innovative forms of knowledge transfer for sustainable economies and inclusive societies through the expansion of skills and development of competences. In this regard, eucen's collaboration with UNESCO, IAU, ASEM LLL, EUA, LLLP and other key stakeholders has helped us to understand, innovate and develop university lifelong learning based on working practices, trends and issues.

Participation, Performance and Partnership are key and urgent imperatives in the context of our rapidly changing world that demands higher education institutions to be alert, responsive and proactive actors in helping society address the myriad social, economic and environmental issues we face today. Participation of all in reaching solutions for all is crucial to address the current global crisis. Committed Performance, focused on solutions and based on evidence, best practices, knowledge and respectful of all traditions needs to be deployed to help steer humanity from the precipice. Partnership based on mutual respect, consent and inclusion is essential in order to benefit the whole of society. University lifelong learning is a key catalyst in helping to create the conditions of participation, performance and partnership that society needs now.

University lifelong learning has to embrace the interrelated triangle of participation, performance and partnership as a paradigm influencing university lifelong learning regarding quality, access, better forms and content, but also effective and innovative modes of delivery reflecting needs of learners, learning communities and society at large. eucen's Position Paper on the Sustainable Development Goals emphasised the role of participation, performance and partnership in shaping lifelong learning to urgently address the UN Agenda 2030 on the SDGs and their 17 goals. Universities are one of the actors involved in this process. Partnerships, commitments to optimal performance and the participation of the widest possible range of actors is needed and often the key to success.

The 2022 Budapest conference hosted by the Central European University (CEU) will focus on key aspects of university lifelong learning in the frame of three particular strands to highlight some key areas for action. We welcome papers and presentations that address participation, performance and partnership within the following main strands:

  • University Lifelong Learning in urban environments to enhance learning communities;
  • Universities promoting Lifelong Learning through skills development and effective HRD;
  • Universities' roles in enhancing sustainable environment and social inclusion through LLL.

Scientific committee

Carmel BORG, University of Malta (MT)
Seamus O’TUAMA, University of Cork (IE) and Steering Committee of eucen
Balazs NEMETH, University of Pecs (HU) and President of eucen
Pusa NASTASE, Central European University, Budapest (HU)

Organising committee

Matyas SZABO, Central European University, Budapest (HU)
Carme ROYO, Executive Director of eucen
Montse BELTRAN, eucen Secretariat


Pusa Nastase, Matyas Szabo
Yehuda Elkana Center for Higher Education
Central European University
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